How to Rent

Renting in Merseyside

To apply to rent a Plus Dane home in Merseyside, you will need to register with Property Pool Plus.

Property Pool Plus is a choice-based lettings scheme which most housing associations in Merseyside (including Liverpool, Wirral, Halton, Knowsley and Sefton) use to advertise homes available for rent. 

Once you have registered with Property Pool Plus, you will be able to ‘bid’ for a home. A ‘bid’ is where you express an interest in living in that home. Every Tuesday, Property Pool Plus releases a property list showing which homes are available for rent.

Register with Property Pool Plus here.

Renting in Cheshire

To apply for a rented home in Cheshire, you will need to go through West Cheshire Homes or Cheshire Homechoice.

For properties in Cheshire West and Chester, applicants will need to register with West Cheshire Homes - please call 0300 123 2442.

For properties in Cheshire East applicants will need to register with Cheshire Homechoice - please call 0300 123 5017 option 1.

To apply for a home in Halton, Cheshire - use Property Pool Plus.

For properties in Warrington it's ChooseAHome, or call 01925 452452.

Before you Bid

Before you bid there are some important things you need to be aware of. Work through the list to see what you need to do.

Do you have the money to move? 

Before you bid, you need to make sure you have enough  money saved.  You will need to provide a weeks rent in advance plus cover the cost of any removals and any furniture you may need. A typical weekly rent can vary between £90 to £140 per week so you should ensure you have this money before you place a bid.

If you are on housing benefit or Universal Credit, our helpful benefit and budgeting calculators can support you to see if you can afford to live in the area you want. 

Identification and evidence

Anyone over 18 living in your home will need to provide identification. UK residents will need to provide their birth certificate, national insurance number or passport.  Those from outside the UK will need to provide passports, national identify cards or home office letters. We will take copies of your documentation.


We require references from all previous landlords for the past 5 years and in some cases we may ask for up to 10 years. If you have not held a tenancy before we may ask for an employer or other relevant character reference.

Applying for the right home

You need to make sure you apply for the right home in an area you want to live so make sure you read the adverts carefully before you bid.  If you bid on a property then decide it’s in the wrong area or not the property you want this will count as a refusal. If  you exceed the number of refusals allowed for your band your registration qualifying date will be changed.

Once you have been housed you will not be able to apply for a new tenancy for 12 months.


We will carry out an interview with you – either by phone or in the office.  This will take around 30 minutes and we will ask you to be open and honest about your past and current circumstances. As part of the interview we will carry out a credit check and a financial assessment to help understand whether you have the income to meet you rent. We will also ask you to provide identification if not already on file and we may take photographs of your ID.

Viewing Properties

You will need to be available at short notice to view potential properties. If you are not able to view we will unfortunately have to move on to the next applicant and if you have a private tenancy you will need to give your current landlord notice that you intend to move.

Homes Available Now

You can contact us directly if you’re interested in any properties we have promoted on website using our online form